Head, Heart, Feet, Spirit Sheet (HHFS)

This measure is a more open-ended way to collect responses from participants on their engagement experiences. Specifically, the different components of the HHFS Sheet examine the following aspects of participants’ experiences:

  • Head: what they learned from the experience (cognitive aspect)
  • Heart: what they felt about their participation in the experience (affective aspect)
  • Feet: what they intend to do as a result of their participation (behavioural aspect)
  • Spirit: How their experience connects/contributes to something outside of the self

According to the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement's research, full engagement consists of all of these aspects, Head, Heart, Feet and Spirit (Pancer et al., 2002). The Head Heart Feet Spirit (HHFS) Sheet can be used by youth and adults in various ways and is flexible for reflecting on an experience of engagement, for evaluating the experience, and for providing feedback about an engagement activity.
For this tool in particular, we recommend using the paper copy, having youth be informed and agree to allowing event staff (one or two) to read them during the event, so that participant's feedback can be acted on during the event, and the program adjusted if required. Afterwords, the paper forms can be entered online so that we can do a more thorough analysis of variables and feedback. Staff who enter the data can write a user code on each sheet to match the code entered online.

  • Questions:

    4 open-ended questions
  • Sections:

    To be filled out at the end of each conference day, event session, etc.
  • Participants:

    Can be filled out by youth participants and adult or young adult conference event staff.

View/download the Head Heart Feet Spirit (HHFS) User Guide.

View/Download the paper copy of the Head Heart Feet Spirit (HHFS) Sheet