Snapshot Survey

The Snapshot of Youth Engagement survey includes two tools. The first is the Engagement Portrait Survey, which measures an individual’s engagement in an activity. It includes questions about what youth do in the activity and what we call the Head, Heart, Feet and Spirit aspects of young person’s activity involvement. The second tool is the Engagement Landscape Survey. It includes questions about the qualities of the activity setting, or the ‘landscape’ where youth are participating.

The tools are available for use by youth organizations, government, and researchers. The use of the tools has received clearance from the Brock University Research Ethics Board.

Youth and adults can complete the Surveys based on their involvement in a specific organization or group or based on any other activity that they choose. They can complete it once or two or more times to measure change over time. Youth ages 14 and older can provide their own consent online for participation. Youth under 14 years of age can use the survey with parental consent.

Responses to online questionnaires will be saved as part of our anonymous database, which we will use to assess and improve these two questionnaires. In addition, our analyses will allow us to explore the nature of engagement and how it may be related to characteristics of specific activities. Individuals and organizations will not be identifiable to researchers using this database.

  • Questions:

    The Portrait Survey has 16 questions with varying scales and 3 open-ended questions, covering the participant's engagement in the activity. The Landscape Survey has 20 questions with varying scales and 1 open-ended question, covering the setting and characteristics of the activity.
  • Sections:

    Participants are asked to fill out both sections of the Survey
  • Participants:

    Can be filled out by youth or young adults. Participants can fill out the survey up to three times to provide some measures of change.

View/download the Snapshot Survey Information Sheet.

View/download the paper copy of the Snapshot Survey.