Youth Experiences Survey (YES)

The Youth Experiences Survey (YES) was developed to survey high-school aged adolescents about their developmental experiences in an extracurricular activity or community-based program. The YES includes 18 scales that assess self-reported experiences in the activity or program within six conceptual domains of development: Identity Work, Initiative, Basic Skills, Teamwork and Social Skills, Interpersonal Relationships, and Adult Networks. Five scales dealing with negative experiences that may interfere with development are also assessed. The instrument was designed for use with multiethnic youth and for use across a wide range of youth programs and activities.

Source: Hansen, D., Larson, R, & Dworkin, J. (2003). What adolescents learn in organized youth activities: A survey of self-reported developmental experiences. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 13 (1), 25-56.

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