Youth Adult Survey

This tool consists of a series of contrasting statements representing how youth and adults are working together in a program or organization. Statements are grouped for youth involvement, adult involvement and youth-adult interaction.

This is a useful tool to help us go deeper in exploring youth-adult partnerships in our organizations and programs, by identifying strengths and weaknesses within existing youth-adult groups, and allowing participants (youth and adults) to rate the quality of their experience.

Based on The Involvement and Interaction survey tool developed by:
Jones, K. R., & Perkins, D. F. (2005). Determining the quality of youth-adult relationships within community-based youth programs. Journal of Extension, 43(5).
Jones, Kenneth R., Perkins, Daniel F. (2006). “Youth and Adult Perceptions of Their Relationships Within Community-Based Youth Programs.� Youth Society. 38: 90-109.

  • Questions:

    38 pairs of statements presented on a 5-point scale, indicating opposite points of view
  • Sections:

    3 (youth involvement, adult involvement, youth-adult interaction) It is recommended that participants fill out all three sections.
  • Participants:

    Can be filled out by youth participants and adult or young adult staff.

View/Download the paper copy of the Youth Adult Survey.