Merit Survey

This tool assesses program quality, empowerment, and sense of community. It is based upon several well tested sets of questions to help understand young people's experiences in a program and how those experiences are related to their life outside of the program.  Ideally, this survey is intended to be implemented 3 times over the course of a program to understand how young people's experiences change over time.

This survey has been approved by the University of Wisconsin Internal Review Board (IRB) that authorizes all research at the University.   It is approved to be used in all community settings, from youth organizations, to shelters, to detention centers. This is part of an international research project lead by Dr. Shepherd Zeldin.

  • Questions:

    153 questions with varying 4 or 5-point scale responses
  • Sections:

    Participants are asked to fill in the full survey.
  • Participants:

    Can be filled out by youth participants in a program.

View/Download the paper copy of the Merit Survey.