Cup of Coffee Outcome Diary Module

The process of achieving our goals and objectives usually happens one small change at a time. These changes are often marked by key conversations or events, which seem relevant at the time but may be hard to remember when we want to share meaningful experiences later on. It is important to write down these moments as soon as they happen and as regularly as possible.

To capture these changes, we use an Outcomes Diary. We call it the Cup of Coffee Outcome Diary because filling it out should take as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee (5-10 minutes) and be done regularly. We want to use this tool to capture impacts on individuals, communities, and systems (policy).

  • Questions:

    5 questions - one 3-point scale and 4 text answers.
  • Participants:

    Can be filled out by youth, adult and young adult staff, volunteers, etc.

View/Download the paper copy of the Cup of Coffee Outcome Diary Module.