Youth Stories

Tell Your Own Story

This tool asks you to tell the story of a conversation, meeting or interaction you have had with an adult (positive or negative) and the effect it had on you (engaging or disengaging). This interaction can have taken place as part of your event/activity/program, or it might be something that happened to you during your everyday life. This is a chance to say, in their your own words, how our actions as adults affect the young people we work with.

  • Questions:

    One open-ended, text description of an interaction with an adult, positive or negative.
  • Sections:

    Participants can enter a day/month/year and a location for their interaction if they choose, but this is not required.
  • Participants:

    Can be filled out by registered youth participants of your programs as part of your event/activity/program evaluation (ask your organization admin to add the tool), or youth can be referred to the online link to report anonymously.

View/Download the paper copy of the Tell Your Own Story tool.